Be in the Light

“The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”  Genesis 1:2-3

Spiritually I have been feeling just as this verse describes…formless, empty and darkened by the selfishness of my own heart. I need His light to come and make it’s self known. No, I need to be where the Light is. For to long I have been far from His glorious light. My attitude, thoughts, actions and heart have been formless, empty and dark. I have lacked to be in His word, fellowship and service and am seeing the result of that in my life.

Abba Father, I pray that I would dwell in Your glorious light. To not let formless, empty and dark thing’s enter my thoughts, heart, mind, mouth or eyes. Father, You have spoken the word–“Let there be light” In my life. Separate me from that which is not of You and to cling to Your Light. Amen.

I know this is a personal post. But, I want to remember that this is when God said “let there be light” to me. And to let others know that They too are being called to be in the light. Everyday, we are being called to be IN the light. Everyday, is a struggle.


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This picture makes me happy…

 I love the angles from the power lines. I love the sky. I love the green grass. It was just a bright and beautiful day.
I took this picture on my first family shoot with James. And now that he’s coming home I have all the emotions that looking at this picture brings to me. Joy, happiness, beauty, excitement and soon the companionship of my husband who brings me some of the brightest days.


So, here is a project I want to delve into.And of course I would find the easiest way to do it. I am so glad I found chalk paint. Because really we got little thing going on. No need to sand, prime or anything! love it.  so here’s the link and here’s the project.

link for Annie Sloan’s chalk paint

I was inspired by a blog called appleturnover  that documented it’s transformation.

so here’s what I’m going for… (guest appearance made by my baby boy, who gave a stunning performance as a perfect little guy:)

Our guest bed.

Our guest bed

a little detail 🙂

more detail

showin' a little bit of leg 😉

Now here’s what I’m going for. Inspired by the blog I mentioned above…

Their bed before

Their bed after

the process

I’m so excited and  can’t wait to get started. I’m thinking I’ll be done sometime around mid August. I’ll be pretty busy the month of July spending some much needed family time together. But will TRY to get to this by the beginning of August.

By the way the paint is one of the many birthday presents from my hubby. He’s pretty much the greatest. And I love him. the end.

I love You because…

You take me as I am

You never leave me that way

You think I’m beautiful without make-up

You know my heart better than anyone


You listen

You respond

You know exactly what I need

You saved me from my sin

You Forgave/Forgive me

You Blessed me with a godly husband and adorable son

You give me more than I deserve

You are righteous and altogether good

You are GOD

These and many other reasons are why I love You. Thank you for who You are. I love being Yours!

Here’s a picture of a little remnant of lightning that I caught from this last storm. You are an amazing God!

Reunions and being joined together

Today is the day we enter single digits. It’s been awhile since I’ve last seen my husband and now the time is quickly upon us. Not only that but it also puts us closer to our baby’s arrival. So much is going to happen within these next few weeks. I am trying my best to prepare myself for what is ahead….A lot of emotions.

I am grateful that the Lord has got us through this season of life and we will continue to trust Him through the many other seasons of life He will take us through. Life has certainly been an adventure.

Just this morning I was thinking about how amazing it is that I met James in September of 2008, we became a couple November 2008 (Thanksgiving Day), Got engaged January 30,2009 and we were married July 25, 2009. And now here we are pregnant with our firstborn, surviving our first deployment and ready to face what is ahead. And it’s all because God saw that it was good to put us together.

My friend Lindsey says that she thinks of the way James and I met and how it is so crazy how quickly it all came together. It honestly was a miracle. There were times I strongly desired to be in a real relationship, but at that present time I had not been searching.

So, there is hope. If you are single and longing for companionship…God is Faithful. It may not happen on your timing or the way you had thought. But, no matter what you have companionship if you know it our not…In Jesus and in the man or woman that He chooses to bring into your life. I am grateful for the companionship of my Savior through the time of my singleness and now through this time of separation from my husband.

And I am grateful that the time of separation is coming to an end!

Don’t think about life in numbers, days, or years…dwell on the memories and rejoice in the reunions and joining together.

Little Blessings.

Yesterday I received some Christmas Cards from some sweet second graders from Hattiesburg, MS. Sent by James’ Aunt Tina (Thank you Aunt Tina). I had no idea the effect it would have on my heart. The words these little kids used…most of them quoting John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him should not PARISH (I love the spelling choice) but have everlasting life.” Some drew some very artistic cards… one was of me and James and the baby. I was apparently yelling at James to get the baby, because he needed a diaper change. The cards where all so very cute. Each one expressing his or her thanks for James’ service and …mine. I was a little taken back at the thought of these little ones thanking me. My husband, of course, but not me. After all I am at home, safe and sound. I just found it a little hard to take the thanks, appreciate it I did! But, to really feel like I deserve it is not something I feel I can own. These little ones showed me what it is to really appreciate something, someone and everything. They, with their little hands and hearts (mostly hearts) wrote to me and my husband to thank us.

I want to take this time to thank these little ones for the impact they made on my heart. To not take the little sacrifices and the big ones forgranted. And if there is anyone who knows about sacrifice that would be Jesus. So, Lord I want to thank you for Your sacrifice on the cross and for your abundant blessings, even through these little children, my husband, my baby boy, family, friends and even strangers. I have a joy in my heart this Christmas and it is just what I needed since I wont be with the man who brings so much joy to my life. Thank you, Father.

Merry Christmas! May your heart be full of JOY!

I’m Thankful for…

Today I am thankful for…

Good sleep.

Rasin Bran and Milk.

Little House on The Prairie.

Friends who call me just to chat.

Friends who stop by just to check up on me.

My dog, Brody.

Feeling my sweet baby boy move.

Good parking spots at the commissary.

Gas stoves.


E-mails from my husband.

An amazingly handsome man I can call mine. my husband.




God’s Word.

money to buy food.

my life.


There is so much more, but today these things spoke volumes to me. I am ThankFull…Yes, FULL of thanks!


Just ’cause

I cried…. tears of joy of course. Proving that every little thing you do touches my heart…somewhere only a few people touch. Jesus, You and our baby being the three most important.
I walked down stairs to answer the door bell ring. And who was there?! A little old man holding onto some flowers…at first I was shocked and even said to the gentleman…”are you sure you have the right house?!” I just couldn’t think of the occasion? And he looked up at our address and said..”no ma’am this is the right house.” I signed my name. Got the flowers along with my huge smile on my face. And read the card. It said…” JUST ‘CAUSE I LOVE YOU AND I THINK YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! THOUGHT IT WOULDN’T HURT TO HAVE SOME FLOWERS THAT SMELL NICE!”
In nice bold letters! Like you were shouting it from halfway across the world 😉 

And then I remembered…It’s “JUST ‘CAUSE” you love me.
I love you, James…just ’cause!
here’s a picture of me and the beautiful flowers you got me. Just a picture of a girl in love with her guy!

I’m living my dream! What a blessing.

And here’s a picture of my love at his desk (i just love the pictures he has up)…

You have my heart baby!

Two years ago today

I was sitting at my desk, answering phones when Gary Miller told me “I gave James your work number, so he may be calling.” Then he walked away going back to his work. I was kind of left speechless and nervous. Some guy I’ve never met, never seen and didn’t know that much about ( All I knew was he was a Christian, loved the Lord and was in the Army.) was going to call me. I answered every call nervously, very nervously. It was after I got back from lunch that I figured I was in the clear. But a short hour after my lunch break I got the call…

I answered…

” Good afternoon Corporate Express, how can I help you?” he said… “Hello, can I speak to Amber the Receptionist.” (chuckle, mixed with confusion)…”Speaking”…”Hi, this is James, Gary Miller told you I would call today.” …”oh yeah, umm Hi.”….”So how is your day?…”  (ring, ring) “Ummm can you hold on I’m getting another call.” …”yeah, sure”….(talking to a customer and transfer them)…back to James… “Thanks for waiting”…”no problem…so your probably busy.” ….”yeah a little” ….”well, I just wanted to ask you if you would like to go out for dinner tonight.”….”Uh ummm Uh TONIGHT?!” …”yeah, tonight.”…”Well, i have plans tonight. I have a youth group overnighter im helping with.” (whew, I’m clear!)…”hmm, well how about tomorrow night?!”….” Oh tomorrow night? umm (clears throat) well, we ummm can uhhh have coffee.” ….”Yes, sounds great! Can I have your phone number.”…”uh my PERSONAL NUMBER?!”….”Yeah, So I can call you after work and get directions to where you live.”…”Oh yeah, where I live…uhh can I give you my e-mail address (voice stuttering) aaaanndd my cell number.” (stupid Amber why did you just give him your e-mail address too!)…”Yeah, sure.”  (I give him my number and E-MAIL!)  “Well, I should get back to work.”…”Well, have a great day!”…”Thank you, you too.” …”Bye”…”Bye, talk to you later.”

Yeah that was pretty much how it all happened. Now here we are 2 years since we met. One year and 2 month since we said “I Do” and Three and a half months away from having our first Baby Boy. WOW. This time has just zoomed by.

I had butterflies in my stomach that night I met him and I still have butterflies in my stomach every time he calls me, writes me, hugs me, kisses me and is near me. I love you James. I love you More today, More tomorrow and More 50 years from now. My Heart is yours Love. I look back to that first night we met and I enjoyed every moment of it, from you opening every door for me, showing me your dance moves, sitting on the bed of your truck talking till midnight. I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND. God surely showered His goodness upon me that night, the night I met YOU! I Love you. Here’s to forever…

And Look what I just got! I still get butterflies…

I Love You

Today we met.